February 28, 2017

Pagbubukas ng Performatura

March 31, 2017
9:00 am to 10:15 am
CCP Little Theater

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Performatura Off to a Rousing Start

Around 9:00 a.m., the doors of the CCP Little Theater opened and ushered in a sizeable crowd for the official opening ceremonies of the Performatura Festival 2017. The program, dubbed as “Pagbubukas” started with a performance by the Anino Shadowplay Collective of their rendition of Florante at Laura called “Walang Katiyakang Pag-Ibig.” When the segment concluded, CCP President Raul Sunico gave the welcoming address followed by CCP VP and Art Director Mr. Calvin Millado who gave a speech about the importance of art and how it tackles on societal issues.

Jean Ariane Flores warmed the hearts of the theater goers when she performed the kundiman “Anak Dalita” by Francisco Santiago. After Flores’s inspired performance, the announcer welcomed National Artist Virgilio Almario to the stage. The poet also known as Rio Alma talked about art and performance and challenged everyone in the theater including the organizers of the festival to continue mounting events like Performatura. He mentioned that performance renews literature and that the two are inseparable and necessary to engage the public.

Anino Shadowplay returned after the national artist’s speech with a shadow play entitled “Tsinelas.” Tsinelas is a meditation on sandals and its ubiquity with Filipino life. However, it is really an allegory about how Filipino workers are treated as expendable like in the case of the Kentex workers to whom the performance is dedicated to.

Writer and teacher Luna Sicat-Cleto represented the UP Creative Writing Center in honoring Dr. Christina Pantoja-Hidalgo. Dr. Hidalgo served as the subject for the latest Akdang Buhay video documentary which focuses on Filipino writers and their craft.

Just before the program closed, the announcer mentioned all the names of the performers for all of the three days. The performers from all walks of life and from different communities in the country stood up to be acknowledged by everyone in the theater.

Kontemporaryong Gamelang Pilipino or Kontra-Gapi closed the ceremonies with “Alingawngaw ng Ninuno.” The ensemble performs the rousing piece in order to start their performances.  The peal of the brass instruments and the energetic pace of Edru Abraham and his crew served as a barometer for what’s to come in the festival’s three days.